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Understanding Cuerate™

”Supporting organizations to become powerhouses.”

Cuerate™ was born out of the necessity to provide high-caliber individuals to organizations that were primarily in the legal industry.

Success stories are hard to keep under wraps and very soon we were providing solutions to organizations across a variety of industries.

Today, Cuerate™ is active in not only personnel solutions but also in providing support in growth expansion strategies, culture and environment, design solutions, art curation, setting up of professional collegiums, councils and senates.


The Cuerate™ "3A Principle"

Observing the multi-faceted needs of all our clients, their industries and markets all put together, we have learnt to construct the ’building-blocks’ of a successful organization – the ’Human Factor’.

The value creation of an organization, as we see it, is the identification of the 3A’s in every individual; ”Aspiration, Attitude and Aptitude”.

The one being in-born, the other being acquired through experience or the third being cultivated is all part of what we strive to lodge, develop and bring out in every one of our appointments.

We wish that our client’s needs be left with us to address or solve for, so as to permit them to concentrate on what they do best- successfully run and operate their core businesses.

People Profiling

”All good things must give birth to all things new.”

An in-depth understanding of how industries function together with a specific client brief, makes it possible for us to create successful functional long-lived teams or high and well-profiled individuals, perfectly suited to our client’s needs.

We operate through a wide range of industries, market trends and professions.

We work across the spectrum in providing organizations with key-talent such as law partners, counsels and associates to all main-stream support function CXOs, Chief Human Resource Officers, Knowledge Management, Learning and Development professionals.

Peripheral appointments such as industry external consultants, IT experts and technically qualified experts are part of what we do best.

Cognitive Enhancement

”How you think, engage and react is who you are.”

We customize training modules to client’s needs.

Existing training modules cover:

  • Building personal brand strategies.Personal presence and gravitas,and the need for it.
  • The power of effective communication.
  • Capitalizing on key personality traits and strengths.
  • Impacting your career graph through power storytelling.
  • Role of networking in the professional world.
  • The art of being in control during media interviews & winning through effective persuasion.
  • Media training & consultative selling skills for C-suite members

Business Optimization

”Success is the heady mead of a good life.”

Based on a vast amount of global and national collective experience to choose from, we will swing into action by applying the following:

  • Analysing your current business landscape.
  • Creating a fool-proof, readable roadmap.
  • Strengthening cohesive bonds of your team.
  • Optimizing your achievements, by aligning your team goals and market intelligence.
  • Figuratively, once the picture has been painted in its entirety,
  • We frame it beautifully and step back, leaving you to optimally enjoy the fruit of your work- your organization.

Design Solutions

”Design, we believe is beauty beyond the sensory.”

Allow us to manifest what you perceive and visionalize as perfection.

We are reliable partners in:

  • Graphic Design
  • Website Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Motion Graphics and Animation
  • Photography and Portfolios
  • 3D Architectural Renderings
  • AR/VR
  • Music Production
  • Art Curation and Interiors
  • Landscaping

The Cuerate Pillars



Neha is a people practitioner and is instrumental in driving the ‘People Profiling’ vertical at Cuerate™ together with Sabiana and Roshmi.

Her decade long professional experience had her spearheading critical HR roles at reputed law firms. Her expertise lies in human capital development. She has been the core driver of key HR functions like talent management, budgeting, policy formulation and performance development across reputed organizations.

Neha has a keen interest and uses her expertise in talent acquisition which drives her core belief that a successful organisation is driven by the right leadership at the helm and empowered by the right team.


"Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity" - Khalil Gibran

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